Attappady is beautiful area it around with full of mountains. Its climate is so cool and its lands are greenish.  Bhavani River is one of the most water sources at attappady. And Silent valley national park is popular.  Attappady is a part of Palakkad district, Kerala state.
Sehion retreat center Pictures, Images and PhotosSehion Retreat Center is now worldwide popular it situated in Attappady. It is the official Retreat Center of palakkad diocese. This retreat center officially started on 1998 April 28. Rev.Fr. xaviour khan Vattayil is the founder and director of this center. Many fathers and others helped to the director. Fr. Reni Pullukalayil, Fr. Soji Olickal, Fr. Binoy Karimaruthungal, Fr. Reji Muttathil, Bro. Sabu Kasarkode, Bro. Raphel Maprani, and Bro. Francis Nilambur  etc. The God will bless all of them who conducted in retreat and prayer. Thousands of people know the real joy in their heart and get spiritual power throughout their life. The people came from various parts of Kerala and other states. Preachers, Councillors, Intercession Groups, and the Choir- are fully dedicated and filled with the Holy Spirit. As real servants of God they are in fact an asset to the center.

All the months of the first Friday one day convention in this retreat center. In that day thousands of people came to sehion and heard The God’s word. Convention started at 9.00am to 3.30pm. First Friday full of rush in Sehion and its front road many vehicles are parked a long raw kilometres.
Weekly Retreats are starting all the months of 2nd, 3rd, 4th Sunday 2.00pm and it completed Friday 8.30am.If you to like to join this retreat you must be registered before. Registration enquiry office is working 9.00am to 6.00pm.
How to reach
From Kerala > behind Palakkad – Kozhikode rute Mannarkkad >behind Mannarkkad – Anakkatty rute Thavalam Sehion stop.
From Tamilnadu > Kovai > Anakkatty > behind Anakkatty – Mannarkkad rute Thavalam Sehion stop.

Rute map

Address of Sehion Retreat Center
Sehion retreat center,
Thavalam P.O, Attappady,
Palakkad District
Pin – 678 589
Phone: 04924 – 253333, 253647
E mail: director@

Sehion Television
Sehion relayed many programs at television channels.
Abhishekakni – Shalom TV -  Sunday 8.30pm, Friday 11.00am, Saturday 01.30am
Maranatha – Jeevan TV – Saturday 06.00am
Elshadai – Divine TV – Saturday 7.30pm
Rafa Yahova – ACV – Monday 06.00am
Many cable TV relayed Sehion retreat center’s programs.
Sehion book gallery 
Sehion Retreat Center published many books, leaflets, bible speeches and devotional songs CD and DVD . All of them are available Maranatha media centre, Opposit K.S.R.T.C Bus stand Palakkad-14


  1. Dear Father I am Gavin from Mumbai,
    past many years my father treating us as a slave
    even today also he trearted me like anything. almost I tried to quit my life but one religious brother gave me a council so I changed my mind. I dont know what do to now the thing is
    my father started a shop it is not going well but he is forcing me to do something even the customers also not willing to come because of his charecter and approach so I request you please pray for me and my family and ger a new Id is

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  3. Dear Father,

    My name is Rubin Philip, living in Dallas Texas. I am married and my wife name is ligy Abraham.

    I am writing this email for a prayer request. We maintain a good relationship with our lord Jesus Christ. And at to this time Jesus helped a lot in our lifetime and we even witnessed miracles. But I m writing this is to tell my own situations, I came united states with a hope that I would become at least a good positions and being a good husband to my family. My father mother and one brother live close to my house here in United States.

    I had second class in SSLC in India and I was being completing 2nd group in St Thomas College Ranny 1997. All of a sudden we got the visa and we came here Dallas Texas that we filed to come US in 1984. And I dropped my PDC 2nd group 2nd year and migrated to US.

    Then we were getting used to the American life and we were struggles and we learned the language and culture but I could not maintain my education because of the initial struggles and I was just ok in studies. We had new friends that we met here all were talented and came from good cities from India, they easily achieved their goal and they married and settled here in their profession. What I want to ask that I was not a guy who think for money matter but I was thinking that it’s going to be ok. But as I was going through here in US, things were not happened they way I think. I was going through a huge struggle at least getting a job to be a good person in family.

    Now is my situation that my wife works and I still can’t find a job and I studied a profession medical assistant and phlebotomy course but nobody opened a door for me. Without even do a job, I have to pay for my loans for my study. It been a mystery as I m going thorough in my US life that some reason something is blocking my way. At the same time I have faith in Lord Jesus Christ. Lord helped me in my marriage and so many situations. Since I possibly studied it still a mystery why I cant find a single job. I have been doing contract jobs in many place through out the years and one in airport. In fact since I finished my school it’s not really good to seek contract job, and that is yet again seems to my only choice. The problem that once I lose contract jobs or those assignments ended then my schooling and my certifications experiences or labs can be expired or rejected after a long time. now we blessed to have a baby boy and and our family expenses going up and looking for a job.
    I am honestly seeking lord help and request to pray for me. and if possible would you please give me a replay.


    Rubin Philip
    454 valleyview dr
    lewisville, texas, 75067




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